Tattoos Design and Sexy Women - Butterfly Tattoos, Fairy Tattoos and Flower Tattoos- why are they popular with women

By Malen Abarentos

Women with tattoos are not rare especially nowadays with big time celebrities like Angelina Jolie sporting them. Female tattoos are considered sexy and attractive that women like the Suicide Girls and Kat Von D are the latest sensation both on tv and online because of their prominent tattoos. This is a proof that tattoo has indeed gone mainstream and widely accepted in our society.

When it comes to placement of tattoos, lower back tattoos is the most common choice for women. This is because it exudes sexual attractiveness and highlight the shape and curves of the female body. When it comes to designs, butterfly, fairy and flower tattoos are some of the most sought after options among women.

Butterfly tattoos

Butterflies have always been an inspiration and subject of visual arts. So it would be no surprise that butterfly tattoo is the most popular tattoo designs among women. It can be a good choice for female tattoo newbies as it does not need to be big to get noticed. Sporting a small butterfly tattoo on the shoulder or ankle can make a difference as the sight of a butterfly is naturally appealing . Depending on the individual or the culture, butterfly tattoos have a lot of meanings but generally it symbolizes rebirth and transformation or represents new life and new beginning for those who have gone through rough times. It also stands for beauty and joy with its bright colorful wings and striking color. Generally, butterfly tattoos represent change, beauty and happiness which are all common elements in a woman’s life.

Fairy Tattoo

Fairies are tiny little winged creatures whose bright colorful wings, pixie dust and diminutive wand can bring magic and wonders. Fairies have always been childhood heroes, from fairy godmother to toothfairy and tinkerbell, they have always been well-loved and admired. It retains the child-like imagination and belief in magic, with the cliché that “ fairy tales do come true”. They are popular as tattoo designs because they are innocent yet sexy at the same time. Fairy tattoos stands for beauty, mystery and freedom with their magical wings.

Flower Tattoo

Flower tattoos represent the beauty that is timeless but meaning varies depending on what flower is used. There are certain flower tattoos that are more popular than the others. Flower tattoos can be placed in any part of the body from arms, legs, neck, belly, lower back, chest, breast etc. Rose tattoo is by far, the most famous flower tattoo but meaning can still vary depending on what color or type of rose is used. Red rose stands for love, passion and romance, pink rose stands for admiration and gentleness and a white rose stands for innocence and purity. Water lily expresses the purity of heart and it also symbolizes rebirth and enlightenment. Cherry blossom tattoos are also famous and has a symbolic meaning and importance in both Chinese and Japanese cultures. In Chinese cherry blossom is the symbol of power and in Japanese; it represents the transience of life. Whatever flower is used as a tattoo design, it generally stands for femininity and beauty making it one of the most popular tattoo designs among women.

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