Koi Fish Tattoo Design and Japanese Tattoo

Comparison koi fish often used in the form of a tattoo is not because of real elegance and color cemerlangnya, but more because the symbolism melinunginya. "Koi" is a "fish tambera" only people in Japan, but the fish is that we are all familiar with that particular fish tambera already dibiakkan since ancient times in China. Breeding has produced this special type of colored koi fish that people come together now. Koi fish is humming can swim in the headwaters. Old Chinese legend says koi brave enough to swim in the waterfall on the Yellow River, and that any fish that can reach a point in the river called "Dragon Gate" will be changed into a dragon. And the fish comes from China, Japan is a person who already make household names. Koi is a symbol popular in Japan-most Luarbiasa associated with courage. It is said that this fish, if arrested and placed in the chamber puncture, can lie still and wait for the knife down-without vibration. That can remain resilient in the face of death is close to equate the quality of samurai soldiers' s courage to persist the sword. In general, the meaning of koi fish tattoos, including the strength of character and courage to face adversity and seemingly impossible possible. With regard to the legend "Dragon Gate" China, koi fish are also seen as a symbol of high aspirations and achievement. Koi also be submitted to sehidup "jewel," and therefore, also be associated with luck and fortune. Comparison of five golden koi should have meant "eternal wealth and wellbeing. Not moving interpretation other koi 's ability to swim upstream is the "non-conformity." Motif is the tattoo should be for people who put great importance to being an independent thinker. Koi fish tattoo meaning can change for different people. Other people also believe that the meaning of koi tattoo patterns vary depending on the placement, color and position of the fish, and other aspects of the form. Of course, the highest meaning of any tattoo will always unique and personal for those who have. Because of the beautiful koi fish ditambal, best to have a koi tattoo patterns that have a combination of natural colors which are gold, white, yellow, red, and black.

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