A Little bout Kinds Of Motive Japanese Tattoos

The most used reasons with an explanation of their significances:

There is a concept of a hell in Japanese Buddhism, but Hannyas are the terrestrial monsters.

The most known history of a demon of Hannya is that of Kiyo Hime. During years Kiyo Hime developed a major love with the monk but its feelings could not be turned over by him. While waiting, in the intoxication of its love of hatred, Kiyo Hime had transformed into demon with the body of a snake and a head of Hannya.

Kannon is Bodhisattva of Buddhism of Mahayana. There is of Bodhisattva with several various tasks. Kannon is Bodhisattva of sympathy and pity. In Japan Kannon is represented by a woman, usually assembling a dragon

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