The Most Popular Free Tattoo Designs Here

By Tong Lin

When you look for free tattoo designs, it is important to know which ones are the most popular if you are in the tattoo business. The most popular designs today are:

* Stars

* Butterflies

* Fairies

* Flowers

* Dragons

* Celtic and Christian crosses

* Angels

* Skulls

* Hearts

When choosing a tattoo design, you should know about the design and what it means. It is very cool to add a heart or a love symbol, but you should think twice about adding a name. This is especially true if you want to add your girlfriend name. What will happen if you break up? You are stuck with this name on your arm or whatever part of your body you have the tattoo for the rest of your life and your next girlfriend may not take too kindly to it. It is fine for a parent or grandparent to have the names of their children or grandchildren on a tattoo because these will last forever.

Tribal tattoos are also very popular today. They come in many different designs and contain a lot of black ink. This is advantageous in that black ink doesn fade as fast as other colors. These tattoos are very visual and you can easily create your own design. Because of the use if lines and interlocking designs, they are excellent for use on broad areas of the body such as the shoulders and upper arms.

Celtic tattoos with their intricate knots and crosses are quite popular as tattooed armbands. In addition to the Celtic cross, Celtic butterfly tattoos are also in demand. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and a person with such a tattoo is showing the world that he/she has gone through difficult times and is now ready to face life anew. Although you mat love the look of this butterfly design, it is important for you to know the meaning behind some of the various designs so that you don't project the wrong image of yourself to others. For example, the Celtic knot is a symbol of eternity, while the Celtic trinity knot can have Christian, pagan or new age symbolism. The Celtic shamrock is not only the symbol of Ireland, but is also the symbol of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Each leaf of the shamrock has a particular meaning in a tattoo: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.

Ci-Shen is the Chinese word for tattoo. While tattoos were traditionally used as a mark of punishment, many people now like to have small Chinese symbols tattooed on their body. When you choose one of these symbols, it is important that you thoroughly research its meaning before you get the tattoo. Make sure your translation source is reliable as some sources may use a loose translation that has no relation to the actual meaning. Japanese tattoos are usually small tattoos that can be completed in one sitting. Like the Chinese tattoos, the dragon features predominantly in the tattoos of this culture and the Phoenix is widely popular. This is a mythical creature that symbolizes justice and fidelity.

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