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So, you're seriously considering 'getting inked' and having your very first tattoo done? If this is you, then chances are you've already checked out the internet in your search for good websites jam-packed full of tattoo designs to provide you with the inspiration you need to make the right design decision for your tattoo. If you have already tried searching for online tattoo design galleries, then you no doubt already know that there are literally thousands of design gallery websites for you to explore. Sure, that may sound nice if you have all the time in the world to make a design decision, however we're pretty sure you want to quickly find the very best tattoo galleries online to help you make your search a little easier. Now we'll show you how to find good tattoo design websites.

Key Characteristics of a Good Online Tattoo Design Gallery
As you know, the internet is home to so many tattoo design galleries, however many of them aren't worth the cyber space they inhabit! So, how do you determine whether a design gallery is worth your time? Here are the key characteristics of a good online tattoo design gallery:

* The site is operated by professionals or enthusiasts:
You're getting a tattoo and it's a permanent decision. It's not like you can simply erase a tattoo once it has been superimposed onto your skin. It's a serious decision with lifelong consequences - unless of course you are brave enough to have the painful, laser procedure required to remove a tattoo. In checking out tattoo design websites, look for sites that are owned and operated by tattoo artists or enthusiasts. You want to deal with people who actually know all about tattoos and the serious considerations you must think about prior to making that all-important trip to the tattoo parlor.

* How popular is the website:
If the owners and operators are serious about their online tattoo gallery, they will do everything they can to make the site a hit with all of the people using the internet who are interested in tattoos. If you discover an online tattoo design gallery that is really popular, there is a very good reason for it! Chances are, such a tattoo website will be worth your time.

* Plenty of designs:
The obvious characteristic of a good online tattoo design gallery is the range of designs available on the website. Making a design decision will take a lot of time, so the more designs a tattoo gallery has for you to choose from, the better. Good tattoo related websites will be adding to their gallery on a weekly or daily basis.

* Plenty of good information:
As you know, getting a tattoo is a serious step to take, so education is critical. You need to know what you're getting yourself in for when you are considering whether or not to "get inked". A good online tattoo design gallery will contain plenty of informative articles about getting a tattoo. After all, getting a tattoo is a medical procedure and there are risks, so ensuring you are totally informed is critical, and that is why a good tattoo design gallery will provide you with plenty of informative material.

Another Important Point about Tattoo Design Galleries
You've heard of the saying, "you get what you pay for," right? The same goes when it comes to tattoo design galleries. As we've already mentioned several times in this article, do any internet search for tattoo design galleries, and it will produce many search results. The thing is that many of the tattoo sites aren't that great. The best websites are those you will need to pay a membership fee for, so be prepared to spend a little money when it comes to checking out quality online tattoo design galleries. Remember, it's a serious decision getting a tattoo, so chances are it will be worth it spending a little money to explore the net's best design galleries.

How to Find Good Tattoo Design Galleries
It's really easy! Just use your favorite search engine and type in terms such as, 'tattoo designs' or 'tattoo design gallery' and you will find a whole range of sites to check out. Remember as well that the characteristics mentioned in this article will help you sort the good online tattoo design galleries from the not-so-good galleries!

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