Japanese Tattoo Design - Ankle Tattoo Designs - Popular Ankle Tattoos

By Derek Jones

Ankle tattoos designs are growing in popularity, especially amongst women, and are the tattoo of choice for those wanting to get their first tattoo.

Ankle tattoos have been around for a while now, and are still largely popular due to women wanting to get a small, but effective tattoo on their body. Ankle tattoos can easily be hidden with a sock or stockings when you are going for a when you don't want it to be showing - i.e. a job interview (as that doesn't give the greatest impression to employer) and shown off when you want it to be, such as wearing sandals which exposes your ankle and your tattoo.

Deciding on the type of ankle tattoo you want can be hard - especially due to the wide range of different designs which are available. These include:

Flower Ankle Tattoo Designs: Flowers are a very popular choice for tattoo amongst females and look fantastic as well.

Fairy Ankle Tattoos Designs: Fairies are another girl's favorite and can be very symbolic and meaningful. Another great tattoo choice.

Kanji Ankle Tattoo Designs: Kanji is Japanese characters which are often tattooed as ankle tattoo to represent a loved one or child. The single Japanese character is very effective and meaningful which appeals to a lot of people.

All of these designs are very effective and look great when tattooed onto the ankle area. Another thing to remember is that these tattoos require less maintenance since the sunlight does not hit the ankle area of the body - a handy tip to know!

If you're looking for a quality tattoo design, be sure to check out quality tattoo galleries beforehand. Often while many tattoo parlors and shops seem to have a large selection of tattoos, in fact they are usually quite small when compared to a tattoo gallery online which features hundreds, if not thousands of high quality tattoo designs. Usually, these designs are high unique/original and cannot be found elsewhere on the web.

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