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By Peterslove

The history of tattoos goes way back thousands of years. And there was a time when tattoos were associated with criminals and people on the dark side of society. Not any more. Since the 1990s tattoos have become cool. Tattoos today are mainstream. They have become a fashion statement with girls being tattooed as much as guys.

You can wear your tattoo in easy to see parts of your body or in those more private places as well. You can have one small tattoo or many. You can have whole areas of your body tattooed or just a tiny spot like your ankle. Tattoos are in.

But unlike clothes or hairstyles or jewels, tattoos are permanent so when choosing your design, it's important you take your time and select exactly what you want.

Here's a good tip when you decide to get a tattoo. Be sober. That may sound a little crazy but plenty of people have had a tattoo when they were a little worse for wear. When they sobered up they may have said, "Why on earth did I do that?"

You need to be really sure and confident that your tattoo is something you really want, that the design is perfect and the position is just right. Of course choosing the best artist is also important. So get all these things right and your tattoo can be something you'll reckon is awesome and super cool.


The first thing you need is a wide range of designs. If you only get a small range of tattoo designs, you may miss out on that one special design you really want. And you'll never know unless you get to see a huge selection of designs. You will therefore want to have a look at a tattoo gallery before making your final decision on which tattoo you want.

The really cool thing about tattoo designs is that you can take your time in your own home and check out the thousands - that's right, the thousands of designs on offer.

What do you fancy? What style or image do you wish to sport? Here are just some of the many themes on display. Remember each theme has heaps of designs.

• Animals • Insects • Birds • Religious • Patriotic • Celebrity • Sports • Cartoons • Celtic • Japanese symbols • Sun • Armband • Belly-button • Angels • Women • Fish • Fantasy • Your photo


Another great thing about tattoo galleries is that they never stand still. New designs are being added all the time. You can drop in on-line and see all the latest styles, designs and colors. You want news and information, stuff about the latest in tattoos and you'll find it all and more at the best tattoo sites on-line.


Once you've chosen your tattoo, you can go to your favorite tattoo parlor and show the artist just what you want. You'll be in charge. You won't be talked into something you don't want or need. You can even take a print-out of your design so you'll get exactly what you ordered.

There are millions of people with one or more tattoos. You can be one who is pleased and proud with their work of art.

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