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While you seek a symbol or symbols for your new tattooing, you can be interested to know which types of tattooings are popular. Here a list of the ten designs of tattooing which are required the majority on the Internet.

Tribal tattooings

Almost explaining a third of all the searchs for design of tattooing, the tribal one covers a range of designs of tattooing. Almost all the cultures early had a certain kind of detail of design of tattooing to their area, so much there are many designs and models to be discovered.

Out of this kind, the most popular designs include those of the origin maorie and Haida. Tattooings maoris or Polynesians however take certainly the cake for most popular, and it is comprehensible considering their complex and geometrical models.

Tattooings of dove

Symbolizing the holy phantom and peace, it is an extremely popular tattooing for the men and of the women. Improve for a hip, the shoulder or the trunk the dove also represents innocence and hopes.

Tattooings of crown

Representing the royal power and the authority, the crown as design of tattooing symbolizes the power and the control of your life, your thoughts and feelings.


Although it has religious symbolism extremely the cross has many of other significances: faith, hope, belief and sacrifice. It can employ to remember that somebody whom you love.

Fleur of lotus/water lily

In the east this symbol of flower is right as popular that the pink is in the west. It is described in several of the myths of creation of India, China and Egypt.

Tattooing of cherry flower

The Japanese believe that the cherry flower is a metaphor during the life - short and beautiful, then gone to be complementary the level only still. It also represents the beauty and sexuality females, and is used as recall which the life is short and should like each moment to us.

Tattooing of kanji

The kanji is that of the common Japanese alphabets, being composed more than 2.000 symbols ideographic which represent ideas instead of the noises. The kanji make beautiful tattooings with their preestablished writing and you can choose of a broad variety of kanji who have a special significance with you.

Star tattooings/stars

These types of symbols are certainly a favourite, and can represent much things according to how much points star A.

The pentagram, an five-acute star has various significances according to which way it shows. It is said that the head of a RAM represents and is probably a pentagram of worms the low-coating a sign of the devil. A pentagram of worms the high-coating can be a sign of protection and balance, because it incorporates the five elements.

The nautical star is a representation of star of north, employed by sailors to direct their manner through the sea. One it thinks that by having nautical star as tattooing would be used as talisman to keep lost obtaining.

Tattooings of wings

The wings of angel or other kinds of wings can be spiritual or to have other significances according to the way in which they are depicted. Some common interpretations include speed, freedom and altitude, as well as the explanation, the councils and protection.

Tattooings of angel or angels

The angel symbolizes the devotion, spirituality and the faith and is often carried like symbol of protection or to express its faith.

Tattooing of butterfly

Beautiful and fragile, the butterfly is a preferred design of tattooing for women and can represent the renovation and regeneration.

Fairy-like tattooing

Another favoured design of tattooing for women, the fairy can represent our dreams and wishes, innocence, imagination, wonder and fear.

Tattooing of swallow/blue bird

With at the beginning considered a maritime tattooing, the aiming of a swallow or the blue bird at sea was supposed to carry happiness for a sailor. A pair of blue birds indicates that is well travelled, after having noted 10.000 miles at sea.

Tattooing of Rose

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