A little History of Japanese Tattoos - Styles and Design of Japanese Tattoos

Women with japanese tattoo on body back

Temporary tattoo start in west reduced, but the tattoo grow in Japan. Initially, the tattoo to mark the criminals (criminal), criminal breach of the first marked with a line in the area of the forehead, marked the second violation at the foot of, the offense to three lines marked on the other. Simultaneously is a sign of Japanese characters, the character "dog". This looks very legal with a very original "three-time violation, you go out." Meanwhile, the Japanese people extend in the form of tattoo art, art estesis. The body of the Japanese nation in the first year of 1700 as a reaction against the discipline of law concerning the consumption kemangkirannya, only people who are allowed to wear royal clothes with lots of decoration. As a result of all this, middle-class decorate their own with a full body tattoo on the body.

William Dampher is responsible for introducing back tattoo on the west. He is a sailor and tourist trips to the southern sea. In the year 1691 he brought a "pen-tattoo" from the Polynesian, the name is "Prince Giolo". Known as "painted Prince" it was included in the show, the attraction will bring money, and a furor in London nation. It is 600 years since the tattoo on view in Europe and it should be more than 100 years earlier as a tattoo made in the west.

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