Japanese Back Tattoo on Body Girl

Tattoo in Japan we often encountered among Yakusa, but in reality the modern era known tattoo by Japanese women as a lifestyle.
Japanese women wear permanent tattoo and the tattoo is also false as kawaii (cute) tattoo (hello kitty). However, if you want to tattoo there are so many places in Japan

Tattoos have a purpose and function of a variety of tattoos, but it can be said is used to sign for the user. community in Japan, tattoos work as a form of ritual and then shifted the function to be a sign of the family (SHOGUN tokugawa era), in the tattoo community is located in the face of Japan. Polynesian tattoos on community work as a sign of maturity is for men (under the waist like a pair of shorts) and women (dipergelangan hands and feet). Egypt in the community, tattoo work as a sign of noble and beautiful (on the brow and wrist). whereas in ancient society dayak, tattoo work as a noble (wrist and foot) and religious ritual is for the stakeholders and indigenous healer

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