Meaning of Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart Tattoo Design

Heart Tattoo Design

Sometimes, the names of the partners are included with the tattoo and that combination is a great idea until the couple breaks up. One partner would get the heart with a lock symbol and the other partner get a tattoo key to open the heart. Locked heart - This is popular among couples who hope to share eternal love for each other.

Broken heart - These designs are usually reserved for those who either lost a love one or gone through a pain separation and may include names or dates. The best location for this unique design idea is around the wrist or leg. Celtic heart - Celtic design ideas include the intricate knot patterns which wrap around the heart design. Here are some basic design ideas to guide you to the ideal heart tattoo.

There are a variety of designs to choose in this category to make a statement. Heart tattoos are popular with people who want to express their love in a symbolic way.

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