Feminine Tattoo Design

Feminine Tattoo Design

Feminine Tattoo Design

But unlike the butterfly it gives an extra boost of feminine strength to the overall design. Like the butterfly, the dragon can be very intricate, colorful, and beautiful. Women are very strong individuals and the dragon tattoo can be a perfect feminine representation of this quality. And it definitely projected femininity in both beauty and strength.

But I firmly feel that some of the best dragon tattoos I have seen have been worn by females. Here's where I may lose readership altogether suggesting a dragon tattoo is a feminine tattoo! Dragon Designs. They are the one design that you will predominantly see on females (even some males have flower tattoos.) But the butterfly tattoo is a common choice for women due to it's strong representation of femininity.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and translate over to ink very well. Butterfly tattoos can be very beautiful, intricate, detailed, colorful and feminine tattoos. Butterfly Designs. Flower tattoos are incredibly feminine, pretty, and sexy. You can have one flower, or a series of smaller flowers connected by a vine.

You can choose from several different flower designs, which can be inked in very feminine colors. Flower tattoos cover a wide spectrum of design ideas. Flower Designs. Here are a few great choices for feminine tattoos, and one you may be very, very surprised to read!

There are many available choices for feminine designs. Not the case at all! Many women who are looking for feminine tattoos may feel that feminine designs are limited and not that prevalent in the tattoo world.

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