Dragon Tattoos and Symbol of Chinese Culture

Tattooings of dragon are one of the popular designs of tattooing. The tattooing of dragon is considered because a traditional tattooing which is popular among the men and of the women. They are completely popular designs of tattooing because they exhibent the influence of the Japanese and Chinese culture on the culture tattooing Western during almost two centuries. Dragons were also named like symbol of the ground, water, the hells and the sky. It is said to him that natures consolidates and nature destroyed and thus made the dragon.

One of the common images of the dragon resembles a certain kind of creature reptile with the lizard as of the devices which dominates the image. The images of tattooing of dragon comprises the forked language which is common to the creatures reptiles. The colors are as important as the design of tattooings of dragon.

If you consider Chinese mythology then tattooings of dragon are regarded as ancestors of the Chinese people since these creatures were symbols of supernatural and imperial power. Dragons of spitting of fire were associated with the dragons water of the lightning which were regarded as guards of the lakes, jets, rivers and various swimming pools.

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